Newark Forms Commission to Fight Gentrification

WNYC | December 7, 2018 | Planning
Mayor Ras Baraka wants to make sure that poor and working-class residents are not displaced as the city tries to attract a middle class

The mayor of Newark says every city in the country has tried and failed to protect the working class and poor from being displaced from their homes when big developers sweep in.

“I don’t want to say it hasn’t been done, it just hasn’t been successful,” Mayor Ras Baraka said at Newark City Hall Thursday.

So, with development in Newark booming, the city announced it’s forming a commission aimed at preventing gentrification.

“Economic growth for a lot of cities is not that difficult to do,” said David Troutt, founding director of the Rutgers Center on Law in Metropolitan Equity. “Equitable growth is very difficult to do.” 

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