Murphy on Looming ACA Enrollment Deadline: Get Out and Get Coverage

NJTV News | December 4, 2018 | Health Care
Speaking at library in Elizabeth, governor also fields questions about sexual assault investigation, Honeywell’s decision to move execs to North Carolina

With just 12 days left for New Jersey residents to enroll in the Affordable Care Act, Gov. Phil Murphy didn’t waste words or time yesterday, speaking at the main public library in Elizabeth.

“This is one of dozens of locations … across our state where residents can simply walk in and walk out enrolled in healthcare for 2019,” Murphy said.

“Any New Jersey resident who needs healthcare can simply go to one website,,” he added.

Marlene Caride, commissioner of New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance, commented, “It is extremely important residents realize that in New Jersey there is a requirement to have healthcare coverage. The alternative is that unless you qualify for an exemption, you will pay a penalty at tax time.”

In a separate back-and-forth with reporters, Murphy was asked about state official Katie Brennan and the hearing in Trenton Tuesday on her sexual assault allegation.

Murphy, who’s got his own investigation going, said he has no problem with the Legislature also looking into the issue.

The governor was also asked about Honeywell’s announcement last week that it’s moving senior management to North Carolina, where business taxes are low.

“I have to say, Honeywell, I wish them the best. I obviously wish they were keeping all their jobs here. They’re keeping 1,000 here. Taxes did not come up in one conversation with them. They said laudable things about the sort of economy we are trying to recapture and rebuild here,” Murphy said.

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