NJ Rep. MacArthur Spends $210,000 in Federal Funds on ‘Franked Mail’

WHYY News | November 6, 2018 | Elections 2018, Politics
South Jersey Republican representative argues total isn’t over the top, money is there for him to spend as he sees fit

Credit: (Emma Lee/WHYY)
Tom MacArthur (left) an incumbent running for Congress in New Jersey's 3rd District, and Brian Fitzpatrick, an incumbent running for Congress in Pennsylvania's 1st District.
Maintaining a congressional office is expensive. That’s why the federal government gives each of the 435 members of the U.S. House roughly $1.4 million a year to pay for everything from PCs to paperclips, travel to staying in touch with constituents.

That last category, known as “franked mail,” can be particularly costly in an election year, especially in a tight race. That helps explain how South Jersey Republican U.S. Rep. Tom MacArthur spent close to $210,000 on it.

“It’s not a waste of taxpayer dollars,” said MacArthur, who considers constituent outreach to be a priority. He is fending off a challenge from Democrat Andy Kim in a competitive midterm race.

“Look, every member of Congress gets the same budget, the exact same budget. Some members spend them on swanky offices. Some members buy cars or SUVs,” MacArthur said. “I have low-budget offices. I’m in the basement of a town hall where I don’t have to pay rent. I’m in a community center where I pay very little.”

MacArthur was not the biggest spender in the region. That distinction goes to Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, who shelled out $316,000.

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