October 22, 2018 | Number of The Day
New Jersey’s ranking among the states for cranberry production

Do you love the fall weather but have had your fill of pumpkin picking? Maybe it’s time to try a different type of harvest. New Jersey is third in the nation when it comes to cranberry production — after Wisconsin and Massachusetts — with a crop worth $16.5 million a year from about 2,500 acres.

The cranberry harvest, which is happening right now, is unusual in that it involves flooding bogs with water, so the berries detach from vines and float to the surface. This allows farmers to scoop them up relatively easily.
For the next two weeks, there is at least one farm in the Pine Barrens that will let you experience this distinctive harvest, as well as give you a lecture about the history of cranberry farming in New Jersey and a cooking demonstration. It may not be ideal for little children but it should get you in the swing of fall.