October 18, 2018 | Number of The Day
Amount spent by candidates so far in NJ Senate race

The two candidates in New Jersey’s Senate race have spent close to $30 million so far — $29.4 million, to be precise. And if you’re tired of watching those attack ads by Republican candidate Bob Hugin, there’s a good reason: Hugin has way outspent Democratic incumbent Sen. Bob Menendez, $22.7 million to $6.7 million, according to financial reports filed with the Federal Election Commission.

The total money raised by the two campaigns is $37.1 million — $26.2 million for Hugin and $10.9 million for Menendez. However, the use of the term “raised” is a bit misleading, as Hugin has lent his campaign $24 million. They both have substantial sums left in their warchests for the last weeks of the campaign. Menendez has $5.6 million cash on hand to Hugin’s $3.5 million.

Both candidates have also benefited from spending by outside groups. Menendez has been supported with $3.3 million from Patients for Affordable Drugs Action, a nonpartisan super PAC, as well as $1.2 million from the Democratic super PAC, the Leadership Alliance. Hugin has enjoyed the support of the Republican PAC, Integrity New Jersey.