October 17, 2018 | Number of The Day
Increased rate of state payment for some childcare services

To help meet the ongoing need for subsidized childcare, the New Jersey Department of Human Services has committed $38 million in new funding; the money will go to expand opportunities for low-income families to access safe, high-quality care services for their kids.

Most of the funding will go toward boosting the rates the state pays certain childcare centers for caring for children whose parents are working, in school or in training programs — something advocates have long urged. Rates will go up by as much as 25 percent, for infant care, to $904 a month. Toddler rates will rise 6 percent, to $761 monthly, and reimbursement for the care of children of pre-school age will grow 10 percent, to $645 a month.

Additional dollars will be used for incentives to create new spots for babies in need of care and to fund improvements in educational programs and the physical facilities at these childcare centers. The Division of Family Development in the Department of Human Services has information about the program and other childcare services.

“Quality, affordable childcare is vital not only to development but to supporting hard-working parents in helping their families to thrive,” DHS Commissioner Carole Johnson said. “Quality child care is good for everyone.”