Poll: Has the Kavanaugh Controversy Swayed You to Vote in the Midterms?

The unprecedented confirmation hearings and subsequent swearing-in of the U.S. Supreme Court’s newest member are influencing voter turnout nationally. Will they send you to the polling booth or keep you away?

The national news over the last several weeks has been consumed with the saga of Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his confirmation hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee, ending with his being seated on the Supreme Court on Tuesday.

This process, with multiple allegations of sexual assault and Kavanaugh’s angry responses to Democrats on the committee, drew protests both for and against the conservative jurist to Washington, D.C. and to other locations around the country, including New Jersey.

For those who opposed Kavanaugh, the mantra has become, “Don’t get mad, vote.” At the same time, Republicans are saying that the televised fight has finally energized their base to show up at next month’s midterm elections. A poll released yesterday by Politico found that, nationally, Republican enthusiasm for voting has risen but Democratic zeal got a bigger boost — 77 percent of Democrats said they are “very motivated” to vote, compared with 68 percent of Republicans.

# Has the Kavanaugh confirmation affected your decision on voting?

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