October 10, 2018 | Number of The Day
Democrat Mikie Sherrill’s points-lead over Republican Jay Webber in CD 11 race

Despite shattering fundraising records in the state, Democrat Mikie Sherrill holds only a slight lead over Republican opponent Assemblyman Jay Webber in the race to represent the 11th Congressional District. According to the latest Monmouth University Poll, released yesterday, voters favor Sherrill 48 percent to 44 percent over Webber.

“The basic contours of this race have not changed. Even though Republicans have the edge in party affiliation, many are not happy with the president or key GOP initiatives such as the tax reform plan,” Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute said in a press release.

The recent controversy over the nomination — and subsequent confirmation — to the Supreme Court of Judge Brett Kavanaugh amid accusations of sexual assault has not had a measurable effect on the race, the poll found. According to the Monmouth data, a clear majority of 11th District voters (78 percent) reported that Kavanaugh’s confirmation has not caused them to change their intended vote. Ten percent said the Kavanaugh issue has made them more likely to support Webber, 8 percent said it has made them more likely to support Sherrill, and 3 percent said it has made them more undecided.

The results are in line with where the race stood in Monmouth’s June poll, showing Sherrill ahead by 4 points (44 percent – 40 percent), with 15 percent undecided. Although this time around, fewer voters (6 percent) identify as undecided.