September 7, 2018 | Number of The Day
Applications received to operate medical marijuana dispensaries in NJ

The New Jersey Department of Health has received 146 applications from 106 organizations to operate medical marijuana dispensaries in the state. Applicants had to identify the region of the state where they would like to operate an Alternative Treatment Center (ATC). There were 50 applicants for the northern region, 45 in the central region and 51 in the southern region.

“By expanding Alternative Treatment Center locations in New Jersey, we are putting patients first and ensuring more convenient access to medical marijuana,” said Gov. Phil Murphy. “This is another step forward in removing barriers put in place by the previous administration and creating a more consumer-friendly program.”

On July 16, the DOH released a Request for Applications for up to six new applicants to operate medical marijuana dispensaries. The Department of Health publicly disclosed the selection criteria in its publication of the RFA. Complete applications will be evaluated and scored by a selection committee.

“Program participation has surpassed 30,000 individuals as a result of reforms already made, and we expect that number to keep growing,” said New Jersey Health Commissioner Dr. Shereef Elnahal. “We need more Alternative Treatment Centers to keep pace with the demand for a therapy that has been unjustly restricted for so long.”