MacArthur Accuses Democratic Challenger of Puffing Up Résumé

NJTV News | September 12, 2018 | Elections 2018, Politics
Republican congressman swings hard at Andy Kim, his Democratic opponent in 3rd Congressional District, calls him ‘a fraud’

Tom MacArthur, the Republican incumbent in the 3rd Congressional District, has accused Andy Kim, his Democratic opponent in the forthcoming election of padding his résumé. Pointing to a Washington Post check of Kim’s credentials that concluded the Democrat’s claim of national security experience in the Bush administration is “a classic case of résumé puffery,” MacArthur called Kim “a fraud.”

Kim, who was a Rhodes scholar, worked for the Obama administration in the State Department, the Pentagon, for Generals Petraeus and Allen in Afghanistan and was the Iraq specialist on the White House National Security Council. During the Bush administration, he worked at the U.S. Agency for International Development for five months in an entry-level position.

“He wants to look like he’s bipartisan, so he wants to have people believe that he was a high-level person in the Bush administration when he was 22 years old and in college,” MacArthur charged. And, he said, “I’m straight about who I am, what I believe and what I’m going to do. I always have been. And I don’t respect somebody who doesn’t think he’s enough and has to invent stuff about himself in order to try to win over voters.”

Kim countered: “I’m proud of my service working for the government under both Republican and Democratic administrations.” He said, “I’ve had a lot of strong support from my former colleagues and other national security officials recently talking about my experience in national security and what I helped contribute to in our government.”

A recent poll gave Kim a one-point lead over MacArthur — 45 to 44. MacArthur meantime has surpassed Kim in fundraising.

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