September 10, 2018 | Number of The Day
Number of cities in US, including one in NJ, with at least five skyscrapers

Jersey City is among 18 cities in the United States that are home to at least five skyscrapers. That’s according to the real estate blog, CommercialCafé, which recently examined the evolution of the American skyscraper, that enduring symbol of power, industry and striving. (For the purposes of the study, they looked at buildings that are at least 40 stories tall and 500 feet, spires included.)

Apart from putting Jersey City in the five-or-more list, the report notes that the city’s tallest building is at 30 Hudson (781 feet) but, when completed in 2019, the 79-story residential skyscraper at 99 Hudson Street will top that and, in fact, will be the tallest building in New Jersey.