Bramnick: On Gerrymandering and Murphy’s Fiscal Policies

NJTV News | August 7, 2018 | Politics
Assembly minority leader thinks legislative districts should be more competitive, but doubts anyone from his party or the Democrats has political will to make it happen

Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick has come out hard against gerrymandering: Once in a recent editorial and again yesterday in a conversation with Michael Aron, chief political correspondent for NJTV News.

For Bramnick, the fact that so many legislative districts are solidly Democratic or solidly Republican is, for a large part, the reason that the state and the country is so polarized.

“Most people in our country and in New Jersey are in the middle. Gov. Kean once said 70 percent of the people are kind of in the middle.” Bramnick said. “But … (a) legislator or congressman moves to the right or left, and that’s why we have such polarization.”

“We can set up these districts and make them more competitive,” he added, “and then you would get somebody would have to play to the middle, as opposed to the right and the left. I just think people lose their right to vote when it doesn’t make any difference.”

Beyond arguing that legislative districts need to be made more competitive,” Bramnick also assessed Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy, contending, “I think he’s way to the left in spending. I think it’s just, he’s almost blind toward how much the state costs the average taxpayer. He has a philosophy, and I think he deeply believes in it. I don’t think he’s a phony … But this tax-and-spend stuff? It’s not going to end well for New Jersey. As I said, nice fellow. His wife is very nice as well. But policy wise? I couldn’t be farther away from his concept of tax and spend.”

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