Tammy Murphy Says She’s Team Player, Not Co-Governor

NJTV News | July 19, 2018 | Politics
First Lady happy to work behind scene on issues concerning environment and New Jersey’s mother-infant mortality rates

New Jersey’s First Lady Tammy Murphy is working on issues she believes are important to the state but says she is happy to do that work behind the scene. “…I don’t have to be there right in front of anyone doing very splashy things,” she said.

Pushing back against suggestions that she has appeared to be something of a co-governor, Murphy said, “I have no idea why they were doing that… but for Phil and Tammy Murphy, we have always worked together.” She was speaking in an extended interview with NJTV News yesterday.

Murphy said she’s focused on New Jersey’s “unacceptable” maternal and infant mortality rates, as well as on a range of environmental issues. “One of the things that I can do through my office is use the power of convening people … I’ve been able to bring a lot of people together who wouldn’t normally be in the same room.”

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