Dems Crush GOP Candidates in Congressional Money Race

NJTV News | July 19, 2018 | Politics
Hand-over-fist fundraising fills Democratic campaign coffers for upcoming congressional race

Is it a blue wave or a green one? Or maybe a bit of both: Overall, in New Jersey’s six competitive House races, Democrats have socked away $11.8 million, while Republicans have banked $3.1 million.

In the 5th District, home to the only Democratic seat in play, first-term Congressman Josh Gottheimer has outraised Republican John McCann by 15 to one in the latest reporting period. He has $4.5 million on hand to McCann’s $6,400.

In District 4, little-known Democrat Josh Welle doubled the fundraising of veteran Congressman Chris Smith, while Tom Malinowski, the Democratic challenger in the 7th, has raised $784,000 to incumbent Leonard Lance’s $301,000.

And Democrat Mikie Sherrill, who hopes to wrest District 11 from Republican Jay Webber, has raised six times more cash and has $2.9 million on hand to Webber’s $171,000.

Matt Hale, a Seton Hall University political science professor, said he’s surprised by the Dems’ green wave.

“Mikie Sherrill is a rock star candidate,” he commented. “She is exactly the sort of résumé that seems to be very popular among Democratic voters, so we expected, sort of, that one. I am a little bit surprised in the 4th and in the 3rd. Those are pretty big advantages for the Democratic candidates,” Hale said.

Hale said the Democrats running for Congress are all centrists and that helps them, along with anti-Trump sentiment. He said all five Republicans “could” lose.

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