Last Week Was Bad for Republicans in South Jersey

WNYC | July 16, 2018 | Politics
Seth Grossman, GOP candidate in 2nd congressional district, accused of promulgating racist material

Last week was a bad week for the Republican nominee in New Jersey’s southernmost congressional district, the 2nd. On Monday, it was reported that candidate Seth Grossman had posted links on his social media to racist commentaries from white nationalist websites. It was the latest in a series of controversial episodes for the candidate. Later that day, the National Republican Congressional Committee withdrew its support for Grossman, saying, “Bigotry has no place in society — let alone the U.S. House of Representatives.”

How did Grossman end up being the guy running for an open seat that has been held by a Republican for 23 years? And where are all the big-name New Jersey Republicans this midterm election season? WNYC talked it over with Republican strategist Mike DuHaime.

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