New Superintendent of Newark’s Schools Promises Forward March

NJTV News | July 10, 2018 | Education
Roger León says he’s responsible for setting stage for what happens years down the line

Having recently regained control of its schools from the state, Newark now has the first superintendent to be selected by the local school board in 22 years.

Roger León, six days into the job, has already signaled that he’s going to shake things up. (When the new superintendent attempted to make some personnel changes, the board rejected them.) But, he told NJTV’s David Cruz, “It’s my responsibility as the new superintendent of schools to compel them to assist the district moving in the direction that I see it as appropriate.”

He sees his responsibility as taking all that was learned under state control and moving the school district “progressively forward,” León said — and to “set the stage as to what’s going to happen in the next decade.”

León discusses his new role in an extended interview with NJTV News.
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