Small New Jersey Town Takes On School-Funding Fight

Karen Rouse | June 13, 2018 | Education
The comfortable community of Chesterfield sits squarely at the center of the battle over how New Jersey funds public education

Credit: Karen Rouse / WNYC News
A Chesterfield student peruses a graphic novel in the school library, which officials say doesn't have enough money for books.
Chesterfield isn’t what comes to mind when politicians talk about schoolchildren harmed by the state’s failure to provide adequate education funding.

The 21-square-mile town features acres of lush farmland, horse ranches, and a subdivision where brick Colonials display American flags on front porches and full, elegant wreaths grace front doors. The median income is $77,000.

Chesterfield is southeast of Trenton, along the turnpike, and its school district sits squarely at the center of a battle brewing in the State House over how New Jersey funds public education in its 590 school districts.

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