June 7, 2018 | Number of The Day
Percentage of residents who say cost of housing in NJ is ‘very’ serious problem

More than half of New Jerseyans (51 percent) think the cost of housing in the Garden State is a “very” serious problem. Another large group (35 percent) view it as “somewhat” problematic. (The numbers come from the latest Rutgers-Eagleton Poll in collaboration with the Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey.)

Forty-nine percent of New Jerseyans say it’s “very” difficult to find reasonably priced housing in the state, while 38 percent characterize the quest as “somewhat” difficult, according to the poll. The cost of housing worries most residents — 44 percent worry “a lot” and 31 percent worry “some” about putting a roof over their heads. Meanwhile, the percentage of those who “hardly worry at all” about it is 24 percent.

The poll also found that New Jerseyans, by a large margin, want the Affordable Housing Trust Fund to be used only for what it was originally intended — building affordable homes in the Garden State. Seventy-nine percent of residents say that, and that alone, is what the fund should be spent on. A small percentage (16 percent) think the state government should be able to use the fund for other purposes, and five percent are not sure. In recent years, the money has been diverted to pay for other programs.