Taking a Peek at $300M State House Restoration

NJTV News | May 25, 2018 | More Issues
The renovation project was controversial. But, even at this early stage, the work is uncovering an architectural gem

The major restoration of New Jersey’s State House has consisted so far of stripping away the effects of 18 previous renovations. And emerging from behind faux walls and dropped ceilings — and years of make-shift repairs — is a dramatic building.

Ray Arcario, executive director of the state’s building authority, led a tour of the work yesterday; the authority is overseeing the project. With this renovation, he said, “We’re trying to look out 50 years … we want to be able to make sure that the building is capable of performing for this administration and subsequent administrations.” The State House, which opened in 1792, is the second oldest continuously operated State House in the United States.

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