Marijuana Legalization in NJ: Opportunities and Challenges

NJ Spotlight | May 15, 2018 | Podcasts, Roundtables

Dianna Houenou
The Murphy administration has identified legalized marijuana’s potential social justice and economic impact. Despite political uncertainties, significant legalized adult-recreational-use revenue is included in the governor’s proposed budget. Many questions remain concerning criminal-record expungement, driving safety, banking infrastructure, equitable entrepreneurial opportunity, tax/fee collection, worker safety and absenteeism, dispensary licensing, and controlling advertising to minors.

Bill Caruso
To explore these and other complex, critical issues NJ Spotlight convened one of its in-depth roundtables. It included a special keynote and panel discussion examining legislative efforts and key debate points concerning legalized adult use of marijuana in New Jersey. It also addressed the practical challenges of setting up marijuana businesses in the state and considered legalization efforts in other states and their relevance to New Jersey.


Andrew Freedman, Co-founder, Senior Director, Freedman & Koski,
governor-appointee as Colorado’s first Director of Marijuana Coordination

Download Keynote Presentation: Lessons From States with Legal Marijuana:
What New Jersey Needs to Know for Implementation


William J. Caruso, Esq., Archer & Greiner P.C.

Dianna Houenou, Policy Counsel, American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey

Dustin McDonald, Vice President, Government Relations, Weedmaps

Frank Greenagel, Adjunct Professor, Rutgers School of Social Work,
Instructor, Rutgers Center of Alcohol Studies, Director, Family Program,
Soba College Recovery


Lee Keough, NJ Spotlight Editor in Chief

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