Governor Signs Bill that Allows Undocumented Students to Get Financial Aid

NJTV News | May 10, 2018 | Immigration
New Jersey is now the ninth state to enable students who are unauthorized immigrants to tap into funding programs

It was a packed house at Rutgers-Newark yesterday when Gov. Phil Murphy signed a bill giving financial aid at state colleges and universities to unauthorized immigrants. With the signing, New Jersey becomes the ninth state to offer financial aid to the undocumented.

Assemblyman Gary Schaer said of the initiative that “The total cost to the state of New Jersey for these Dreamers as part of the TAG program is about $5 million. Ladies and gentlemen, for each taxpayer in this state that will cost 17 cents.”

“We invest in these children in the K-12 system and when they graduate, many at the top of their class, we turn our backs on them and we pretend that they don’t exist,” State Sen. Teresa Ruiz said.

When asked by an immigrant student how the governor will protect him from Trump administration policies, Murphy replied, “We will do literally everything within my person and our administration’s power to have your back. Period, full stop. We will not let you down. With that, let’s go sign this baby.”

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