Protesters Ask Governor to Quash Meadowlands Power Plant

Environmentalists say gas-fired plant, whose energy would be sent to New York City, would bring many hazards

Environmentalists gathered yesterday to protest the proposed construction in the Meadowlands of a gas-fired power plant whose output would be sent to New York City. And, they said, the North Bergen Liberty Generating Plant, to be built by a subsidiary of the Mitsubishi company, would be incompatible with Gov. Phil Murphy’s environmental agenda.

The protesters listed several potential health and environmental hazards of the project, which is proposed for a site currently used for construction and demolition waste.

“Building an electric power plant and protecting the environment need not be mutually exclusive,” North Bergen Liberty said in a statement. “Our facility would displace less efficient and higher emitting forms of electric generation,” it added.

Calling on the governor to reject the plant, the protesters said they’re eager to see how he responds to this test of his commitment to clean, renewable energy.

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