April 24, 2018 | Number of The Day
NJ residents who say the state economy is in excellent shape

Only 1 percent of the participants in a Stockton University poll released yesterday rate the state economy as “excellent.” Some 21 percent would go as far as “good.” Nearly half (48 percent) rate the New Jersey economy as “fair,” with 27 percent of 709 adult state residents rating it “poor”; 2 percent said “unsure.”

Residents of South Jersey are a bit more pessimistic than counterparts to the north. In the eight southernmost counties, only 18 percent give positive ratings to the state economy, but 80 percent rate New Jersey’s economy as” fair” or “poor.” In the 13 counties to the north, 24 percent rate New Jersey’s economy positively, while 73 percent rate New Jersey’s economy as “fair” or “poor.”