Subaru of America Decides to Call Camden ‘Home’

NJTV News | April 30, 2018 | More Issues
Company CEO says they’ve already given over $2 million in just the past two years to charitable organization in the city

Subaru of America is the latest major company to choose the city of Camden as its home.

The original impetus, according to CEO Thomas Doll, came from the Campbell Soup Co., which has had a presence in the city for 149 years.

Campbell approached Subaru of America. “They had actually purchased a lot of the surrounding land and as a result they had this 14-15-acre piece of property that was available,” explained Doll.

And while Doll’s vision of the future of Subaru of America in Camden and his company’s plans to help the city financially, especially by adding jobs, the $118 million they received in tax credits from the New Jersey Economic Development Authority was likely another incentive.
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