Murphy Talks Politics, Disses His Predecessor

NJTV News | April 30, 2018 | Politics
Governor discusses his first 100 days and how he plans to work with Legislature to get his budget approved

Credit: NJTV News Online
In his first 100 days Gov. Phil Murphy has taken the state in a whole new direction, through executive orders, bills signed, and multistate lawsuits — turning New Jersey into what one pundit called “a liberal laboratory.”

In an in-depth interview with NJTV’s Michael Aron he discusses how he feels about the workload and responsibility, as well as the “direct link” between actions and impact on New Jersey residents. One prime example of this, according to Murphy, is “medical marijuana.” He discusses how many people have reached out in person (“at a diner”) or in an email talk about how reforming and expanding the program has allowed them to use cannabis to help them deal with health problems.

He also talks about the prior administration, which “ripped the progressive soul out (of the state) and moving it three standard deviations to the right.”

Also on the agenda, a possible internet and TV campaign to bring pressure on lawmakers to pass the Murphy budget. Fittingly, given the previous possibility, the governor discussed how he plans on working with the Legislature to get his budget passed.

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