Poll: Murphy at 100 Days — off the Charts or off the Mark?

NJ Spotlight News | April 26, 2018 | Polling
Rather than assessing the governor’s first 100 days, we’d like to know how our readers rank and rate him

Gov. Phil Murphy just finished his 100th day in office. That period has become something of a measuring stick for political figures, a time when the press and others can assess someone’s tenure. Murphy marked it with a speech touting his accomplishments to date.

So far, Murphy has signed seven laws, which is three more than his predecessor had at this point in his tenure. Most of them embody the promises and values Murphy espoused on the campaign trail and are uncontroversial with fellow Democrats in the Legislature. They include the restoration of $7.5 million for family-planning services, entering the state into an alliance to uphold the Paris Climate Accord, and a guarantee of equal pay for women.

Murphy boasted of other accomplishments, including his diverse cabinet, which comprises a female majority for the first time in state history, and his work with nearby states to find regional solutions to gun violence. He set improvements at New JerseyTransit and a move toward free tuition at state community colleges as budget priorities. And he has started the process of creating a market for offshore wind energy.

There have been stumbling blocks, though; most notably, the pushback on school aid and tax proposals from fellow Democrats who lead both houses of the Legislature.

Rather than grading Murphy ourselves, we thought we would ask our readers to evaluate the new governor’s performance during his first 100 days.

# How do you rate Murphy?

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