It Was a Traffic Jam, Not a Crime!

NJTV News | April 25, 2018 | Politics
Attorneys for Kelly, Baroni seek to overturn Bridgegate convictions

Bridget Kelly and Bill Baroni of Bridgegate infamy were back in federal court in Philadelphia yesterday, listening in as their attorneys pretty much split hairs and counted angels on the head of a pin.

Case in point: The attorneys conceded that what Kelly and Baroni did to tie up traffic at the George Washington Bridge was wrong, but argued that it wasn’t a crime.

One of the charges on which a jury convicted them is that they violated people’s civil rights by interfering with traffic.

Kelly’s lawyer Yaakov Roth argued, “The right to intrastate travel is not clearly established.”

The judges agreed there is no Supreme Court precedent.

Another charge was that Kelly and Baroni misapplied public resources, in this case the bridge itself, to private purposes.

Kelly’s lawyer argued, “nothing was diverted to private use.” He said this wasn’t like a mayor ordering town employees to pave his driveway. There was no personal gain.

Baroni’s lawyer Michael Levy said, “This was nasty politics, but you can’t let federal prosecutors come in and decide that that’s a crime.”

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