April 11, 2018 | Number of The Day
Percentage of NJ residents who do not support state subsidy of PSEG nuclear plants

Almost two-thirds of New Jersey residents (64 percent) gave a thumbs-down to state subsidies for PSEG’s nuclear plants. That’s according to a poll by the political consulting firm, Fifty One Percent. Eighteen percent of New Jersey residents said they support the subsidies while 18 percent were unsure about them. The poll is being highlighted by the anti-subsidy NJ Coalition for Fair Energy. The numbers for and against the state giving a financial hand to the nuclear power industry come in the same week that both houses of the state Legislature are expected to sign off on a bill that would subsidize three PSEG nuclear power plants for up to 10 years at a cost of $300 million annually.

The poll’s other main findings: A significant number of New Jerseyans said they were less likely to vote for a politician who in turn has voted for a subsidy bill (46 percent), while 10 percent said they were more likely to vote for such a politician; 26 percent said the politician’s vote on the issue would make no difference. Fifty-two percent of voters overall thought New Jersey’s nuclear plants should close if they are not profitable — or should close whether they are profitable or not.