Move to Help Union Officials Gain Easier Access to Public Workers in NJ

WHYY News | March 20, 2018 | Politics
Labor interests happy that measure advances as municipal officials express concern about cost to taxpayers

Credit: Phil Gregory/WHYY
A proposal to guarantee unions access to public employees during the workday was advanced by the Assembly Labor Committee yesterday.
Union representatives would get greater access to public employees at the job site, under the terms of a bill that came before the Assembly Labor Committee yesterday. “We just want to make sure that we have free access to our members…” said Eric Richard of the state AFL-CIO.

Not everybody is thrilled with the advancement of the Workplace Democracy Enhancement Act. “This will be time out of the workday that’s funded by taxpayers,” Michael Cerra, of the New Jersey League of Municipalities, said. “The bill places requirements on public employers. It’s new mandates. It’s unfunded mandates.”

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