February 21, 2018 | Number of The Day
New average hourly wage for full-time Walmart workers in NJ

The retail giant Walmart recently trumpeted a wage increase and improved benefits for its workers, starting with the Feb. 17 pay cycle. As a result, the new average hourly wage for full-time workers in New Jersey is expected to be $14.11; more than 10,000 workers in both Walmart and Sam’s Club stores in the Garden State should get an increase. The company also announced a one-time bonus for eligible full- and part-time hourly workers throughout the United States, with workers who have at least 20 years’ service qualifying for a bonus of $1,000. The company said it’s also going to expand maternity and parental leave benefits.

Walmart operates more than 11,600 stores around the world. It employs 2.3 million people. In fiscal year 2017 it had $485.9 billion in revenue.