Tell Us What You Want to Know from Your New Legislators

Lee Keough | January 11, 2018 | Politics
With a new Legislature just starting its session — and a new governor about to be sworn in — this is an ideal time to question your Senators and Assembly members

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A new state Legislature has just been sworn in. That means every action that needs legislative approval must be steered through the bill or oversight process, right from the beginning.

Do you have questions for state Senate President Steve Sweeney or newly elected Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin? Is there something you’ve wondered about the process, such as why some things make it to a vote and others don’t? Do you want to know something about the major issues that the state Legislature hopes to tackle in the next two years?

To participate, add your question to the box below. (It may look like there’s already text in the box, but when you start typing, yours will appear.) We will review your questions and answer some of them in a story in the near future.