New Jersey’s Energy Future: Electric Vehicles

NJ Spotlight News | December 18, 2017 | Podcasts, Roundtables

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The world is turning away from fossil fuels as Britain, France, and China all have announced plans to phase out gasoline vehicles. In New Jersey, electrifying the state’s transportation system—the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions— is shaping up as a top priority in January when a new Legislature and Governor take office. How best for New Jersey to move beyond a petroleum-based transportation sector?

To address these and other questions NJ Spotlight convened on December 14, New Jersey’s Energy Future: Electric Vehicles, a roundtable that brought together industry experts, legislators, and thought leaders for a far-ranging forum on a variety of critical issues.


Opening Presentation

Mark Warner, Vice President, Gabel Associates

James B. Appleton, President, New Jersey Coalition of Automotive Retailers

Assemblyman Daniel R. Benson, Chairman, Law and Public Safety Committee; Member,
Transportation and Independent Authorities Committee

Pamela Frank, CEO, ChargEVC and Vice President, Gabel Associates

Karen R. Lefkowitz, Vice President, Utility of the Future, Pepco Holdings (An Exelon Company)

Kevin George Miller, Director, Public Policy, ChargePoint


Tom Johnson, Energy Writer, NJ Spotlight

Listen to podcast of Roundtable.

Presentations and Related Editorial

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