Answering Your Questions About the Murphy Transition

Lee Keough | December 15, 2017 | Politics
We invited readers to let us know what questions they have about the ongoing transition. Here’s where we answer them

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Throughout the past year, we’ve used an interactive tool that lets our readers ask questions about specific topics. This time out, we fielded your questions about Gov.-elect Murphy’s sizable transition team. We’ve focused on a few of the questions that we think best reflect what most of our readers want to know.

Question: There are a lot of people on this transition team. That seems inefficient. Can you explain?

Answer: The Murphy team replied: the transition was built to be inclusive, and to bring to the table as many viewpoints as possible. According to the governor-elect, the challenges we face require us to reach across to people we may not agree with to find common ground, and our committee process is allowing those conversations to happen.

The number of people involved in these committees may be closer to 600 than 500, but the Murphy team likes to point out that its diversity reflects New Jersey and that its members are a majority of minority groups and a majority of women. (See related story.)

We asked members of the team if the sheer number of people makes it difficult to get work done, and one leader said it can be “like herding cats.” But overall, most of those interviewed said the real work is not done face to face but through email, so that the process doesn’t feel so cumbersome to members.

Question: Who is actually responsible for hiring personnel for various roles? What roles will be filled quickly? What is the process? The website doesn’t offer much information.

Answer: The governor-elect has announced that Lynn Haynes, whose background includes work at the Department of Labor and the Legislature, is serving as the Director of Personnel. Haynes is leading staff who are reviewing resumes to ensure that potential candidates meet the qualifications for service.

To submit an application, follow this link.

Question: Is there anyone who represents senior citizens on these committees?

Answer: AARP is represented on the committees, notably on the Health Care Committee. In addition, there are numerous senior residents serving on the committees. Their experiences are invaluable.