NJ’s Top Dems Present United Front Against GOP Tax Bill

NJTV News | December 12, 2017 | Politics
Trio pledge to act as a team when it comes to federal policy priorities on issues from taxes to the Gateway Tunnel

New Jersey’s top Democrats — Gov.-elect Phil Murphy and U.S. Sens. Robert Menendez and Cory Booker — have established a united front against the GOP’s tax-reform package and other Republican legislation.

“It’s a devastating bill at many levels, whether it’s the state and local deduction, or property taxes, or undermining student loans, or alternative energy, or huge tax cuts to big corporations who will then use it to buy their shares back as opposed to the promise to create more jobs or increase wages. Just up and down, it’s an awful bill,” said Murphy.

Working with his Democratic colleagues, Murphy envisions what he calls “a more seamless relationship” between Trenton and Capitol Hill.

Some other priorities they discussed were DACA, CHIPs, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, and saving the Affordable Care Act. But it was the tax bill in Washington that most drew their ire.

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