Tell Us What You Want to Know About Murphy’s Transition Team

John Mooney | November 27, 2017 | Politics
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Now that Gov.-elect Phil Murphy has named his transition team — and it certainly is a long list — what would you like to know about the gubernatorial transition process that will help shape the next four years in New Jersey.

The state’s governorship is famously powerful, and preparing for it is an intricate mix of personnel interviews, policy meetings, and political messaging.

Murphy has named scores of people and filled out his committees to advise him during the process leading up to his inauguration, signaling his priorities. But what exactly does it involve beyond the press releases?

NJ Spotlight has enlisted some members of past transition teams to help us answer your questions about how the process works and what comes next for the state’s 56th governor.

To participate, add your question to the box below. (It may look like there’s already text in the box, but when you start typing, yours will appear.) We will review your questions and answer some of them in a story in the near future.