NJEA Spent $5.7M of Union Dues on Recent Election

NJTV News | November 17, 2017 | Education, Politics
Many members erroneously believe teachers union spent only funds from voluntary donations on recent political battles

According to recent filings with the Election Law Enforcement Commission, the New Jersey Education Association spent about $5.7 million in union dues on the recent general election. It did so through Garden State Forward, a Super PAC (political action committee) that the teachers union founded four years ago.

That was almost seven times more than the NJEA spent from voluntary donations to its regular PAC. NJEA communications director Steve Baker confirmed that all the roughly $5.7 million came from membership dues.

Interviewed at the recent NJEA convention in Atlantic City, many NJEA members expressed the belief that their union’s election spending came from voluntary donations, not from dues.

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