October 30, 2017 | Number of The Day
Sandy survivors unhappy with NJ’s recovery efforts

Superstorm Sandy blew through New Jersey five years ago, leaving unprecedented destruction in its wake. As recovery efforts got underway, Monmouth University launched a survey of the state’s hardest-hit survivors to determine how satisfied they were with those efforts. A new Monmouth University Poll revisited some of those participants. Here’s what they found:

Some 55 percent remain unhappy with the state (down from 67 percent in 2013). Specifically, 29 percent of hard-hit residents are very dissatisfied and 26 percent are somewhat dissatisfied. Only 9 percent are very satisfied with the recovery effort and another 35 percent are somewhat satisfied. Among those who have been able to move back to their Sandy-damaged properties, 50 percent are satisfied with the state’s efforts. Among those who have permanently relocated or are still waiting to move back, just 29 percent are satisfied with the state.

Just under half of the survey’s participants (44 percent) say the state’s recovery efforts are focused on helping people like them, (up from 24 percent in 2013). But a majority (56 percent) says that people like them have been forgotten in the recovery effort.