October 10, 2017 | Number of The Day
Percentage of violent deaths that are suicides.

About 62 percent of all violent deaths in New Jersey are due to suicide, according to an in-depth report. During the period covered by the report, 1999-2014, there were nearly twice the number of suicides than homicides. In 2014, there were 786 suicides in New Jersey. In 2015, the last year in which there is public data, there were 789 suicides.

The most common method of suicide is hanging/strangulation/suffocation (43 percent), followed by firearms (26 percent), and poisoning (17 percent.) Hanging and strangulation were the most common method for both males and females, although firearms were the method of choice for males older than 65.

Males accounted for 76 percent of suicide victims with 78 percent of all victims being white. A suicide note was left in 35 percent of cases.

The most common circumstances cited for suicides are mental health problems or history (48 percent). Education level and marital status seemed to have little impact on the rate of suicide.
The only good news in the report is that New Jersey’s suicide rate is much lower (36 percent) than the national average.