October 31, 2017 | Number of The Day
NJ’s ranking on list of best states for trick-or-treating

Now there’s another reason to be sweet on New Jersey; it’s been ranked third on a list of the best states for trick-or-treating, according to Ibotta, a mobile shopping app that tracks market trends. The Garden State’s third-place finish is based on the average amount spent per person on Halloween candy: $24.36. Oregon, which took the top spot, spends an average of $40.29, so New Jersey has to start stocking up on candy corn and other sugar-shock treats if it plans on going for first place. Ibotta indicates that on average Americans spend $16.45 on Halloween treats, adding that Snickers were the most purchased candy in the week before Halloween in New Jersey for the past two years.

And for those trick-or-treaters who will settle for nothing but the best, Zillow — the real estate data provider — has crunched the numbers and determined the best town in every state for trick-or-treaters. For New Jersey, it’s Fair Haven, where 27 percent of the population is 14 and under.