Former Head of NJ Black Ministers Council Testifies for Menendez

NJTV News | October 26, 2017 | Politics
Rev. Reginald Jackson describes Senator as ‘forthright and honest, a man of integrity’

On Wednesday, the court again heard testimony from Sen. Bob Menendez’s confidant Donald Scarinci, who had already testified that he was the one who solicited campaign donations from Raul Alarcon, head of Spanish Broadcasting System, and Menendez’s co-defendant, Dr. Salomon Melgen.

Wednesday morning, on cross-examination, the government tried to say there is no distance between Menendez and his friend of 45 years, Scarinci.

The defense called the Rev. Reginald Jackson as its next witness. He said in his 20 years as executive director of the New Jersey Black Ministers Council, “I found (Menendez) to be forthright and honest, a man of integrity.”

Jackson is now Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church for the state of Georgia.

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