September 27, 2017 | Number of The Day
NJ’s rank as a teacher-friendly state

Teaching is a tough job. Anyone who doubts it should spend a few weeks in a classroom, trying to bring the best out in young kids or teens. And in New Jersey, perennial problems with the pension system can add to the everyday stress and strain. So it’s good to have some good news to deliver for a change: New Jersey has been designated the second most-teacher-friendly state in the nation, according to a new study by WalletHub, the personal finances website.

The analysis compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia based on 21 key indicators of teacher-friendliness, using a data set that ranged from teachers’ income growth potential to pupil-teacher ratio to teacher safety.

New Jersey’s total score was 66.43, just below first-ranked New York, which scored 68.2. The Garden State was ranked 18th for opportunity and competition and first for academic and work environment.

New Jersey took the second spot for the quality of its school system and finished third for pupil-teacher ratio. It took sixth place for three categories: average starting salary, public school spending per student, and teacher safety. Average annual salary was ranked 12th; income growth potential, 16th; 10-year change in salaries, 27th.