September 13, 2017 | Number of The Day
NJ households with broadband Internet access

In 2015, 81.6 percent of New Jersey households had broadband Internet connections, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

More New Jersey households have high-speed online access using a DSL service, cable modem, or other method than the national average of 76.7 percent. The highest rate was 84.5 percent in New Hampshire, while the lowest was 61 percent in Mississippi.

It’s not enough to simply have access to a computer today, the report notes. A high-speed connection is necessary to get all the benefits from the Internet, whether it’s for students researching a school paper, an unemployed adult searching for jobs, or anyone seeking to stay in touch with friends and family.

“More and more, access to computers and broadband Internet opens the door to a variety of opportunities,” the report states. “Access to computers and a broadband Internet subscription has become increasingly important to Americans in carrying out their day-to-day lives.”