Colleges, Universities in NJ Urged to Make Strategic Plan

NJTV News | September 20, 2017 | Education
Higher education in Garden State is bedeviled by duplication, over-capacity, and ‘there’s really too much competition,’ professor says

New Jersey’s institutions of higher education urgently need a strategic plan, according to Peter Woolley, professor of comparative politics at Fairleigh Dickinson University and provost of its Florham campus. He said the state’s lack of such a plan is a problem, especially given that such plans exist in other states.

The 14 independent universities, along with the 11 state-sponsored four-year and 19 two-year institutions in the state, need urgently to coordinate their work because there is “duplication, there is over-capacity and there’s really too much competition,” Woolley said. “It’s inefficient given that this is a marketplace supported directly and indirectly by taxpayers,” he added. Woolley spoke about his proposal to Michael Aron, chief political correspondent of NJTV News.

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