August 11, 2017 | Number of The Day
Number of passenger-vehicle fires in New Jersey in 2015

If you’ve ever been stuck in traffic in a car that seems to be seizing in the heat, you’ll probably empathize with those whose vehicles actually have gone on fire. Such was the case for the owners of 2,476 passenger vehicles in New Jersey in 2015, accounting for the vast majority (77 percent) of vehicle fires in the state that year. The remainder were in road freight or transport vehicles (10 percent), mobile property (9 percent), off-road vehicles or heavy equipment (3 percent), and water vehicles (1 percent). In the passenger-vehicle fires, the principal cause was “unintentional” (905 instances), followed by undetermined causes and failure of equipment or heat source (424). Forty passenger-vehicle fires were “intentional.” The data comes from “Fire in New Jersey 2015,” a statistical analysis of fire and emergency incidents in the Garden State, a report produced by the Division of Fire Safety in the state Department of Community Affairs.