First Day of Commuter Hell Wasn’t So Bad After All

NJTV News | July 11, 2017 | Transportation
NJ Transit riders say start of the summer-long disruption to their commute could have been worse

“Everybody’s eyes are on it, so they’re doing the best they can. But what they really need to do is revamp the entire system. The whole system is dysfunctional,” said Jerry Aroneo, one of the thousands of New Jerseyans who yesterday had to deal with day one of a weeks-long disruption to public transport in to and out of New York City.

Major repairs that were begun by Amtrak at New York Penn Station yesterday will mean a significant disruption in public transit services throughout the rest of the summer. In the case of NJ Transit riders, the worst affected are those using the Morris and Essex Line. For the duration of the repair work, trains on that line will terminate in Hoboken and riders will have to continue their journeys on PATH trains, by bus, or on ferries.

Commuters at Hoboken station yesterday were met by 150 yellow-vested helpers from NJ Transit who helped them navigate the new system — that includes the cross-honoring of tickets. “People should be prepared for a bit of waiting, a bit of confusion. There are going be a lot of new folks getting off here in Hoboken who probably sailed through the station before and never really paid attention,” said NJ Transit spokesperson Charles Ingoglia.

“I mean, it’s difficult, but I feel like NJ Transit’s at least putting in a lot of effort to make it as painless as possible. And they gave discounts on tickets, so it’s okay. We just have to make the best of it,” said Maplewood commuter Moraa Muyeka.

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