June 2, 2017 | Number of The Day
NJ’s ranking on list of best states for jobs

Let’s hope this brings some solace to anyone pounding the pavement — or scrolling through the job boards — in search of work: a new report from WalletHub lists New Jersey as the fifth-best state for jobs.

The personal finances website compared 50 states across 24 key indicators of job-market strength, opportunity, and economic vitality. Data set ranged from employment growth to median annual income to average commute time.

New Jersey’s total score was 62.88; it ranked 19th for job market and fifth for economic environment. Pennsylvania was ranked 40th, with a total score of 47.78, and was ranked 26th for job market and 47th when it came to economic environment. New York State did slightly better: It finished 32nd overall, with a total score of 52.94, taking 32nd place for job market, and 34th for economic environment.

New Jersey had the fourth-highest median monthly salary; New York had the second. The Garden State, however, finished almost at the bottom of the heap for longest commute (48th); New York finished 50th.