June 28, 2017 | Number of The Day
Cities in New Jersey listed among 30 safest in which to raise a child

Most parents want to raise their children in a safe place with good schools, great parks and recreational facilities. SafeWise, the home security provider, has just released its list of the 30 safest cities in which to raise a child in the United States — and six locations in New Jersey are included on it: Monroe (7), Middletown (9), Wayne (11), Toms River (13), Bridgewater (17), and Hillsborough (22).

In order to compile the list, SafeWise reviewed such things as sex offender concentrations, state graduation rates, school rankings, and FBI crime data. It also analyzed parks and recreational facilities and other services oriented toward children and families. It did not include any cities with populations less than 10,000 or that did not report complete crime numbers to the FBI. Greenwich, CT topped the list.