Poll: School Aid, School Aid — Is there a Way out of the Funding Maze?

NJ Spotlight News | June 22, 2017 | Polling
The Democrats have unveiled their new plan. Should Christie go for it or walk away?

School funding is at the center of debate about New Jersey’s next state budget, and it’s time for decisions.

Democratic leaders in the state Senate and Assembly have proposed a plan that would boost school aid by $146 million for nearly 400 districts that have been underfunded for nearly a decade under the Christie administration. Another $25 million in state dollars would be allocated for pre-K education in select districts. At the same time, more than 100 school districts that are considered “overfunded” would also lose money under the plan, some significantly.

Gov. Chris Christie has never much liked how New Jersey funds public education, and has been pushing a plan that equalizes state funding to all districts, no matter the need. But he has also shown some flexibility of late, especially since he is seeking other concessions from the Democrats.

# Now that the negotiations are in full swing, what do you think should happen?

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