What Do You Want to Know About How NJ Funds Its Public Schools?

Use our interactive tool to let us know your questions about school funding in the Garden State

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Democratic leaders yesterday announced an agreement to provide an additional $125 million to New Jersey’s public schools, a breakthrough among at least the Democrats to solving the state’s school funding crisis.

Follow this link to read today’s story on the Democrats’ school funding agreement.

But that $125 million comes with lots of questions, including whether Gov. Chris Christie will go along. Christie had wanted to give every district the same amount per pupil, no matter the need. The Democrats, meanwhile, have sought for the state to fully fund its current school-aid formula, with some adjustments.

The next step is further negotiations, leading up to approval of the fiscal 2018 budget, later this month.

In the meantime, we ask our readers: What questions do you have about how New Jersey funds its schools?

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