Retired Police Officer Rogers Bets on ‘Blue Wall’ of Support

WNYC | June 2, 2017 | Elections 2017
The Nutley township commissioner, a long shot in the race to succeed Chris Christie as governor, spoke with optimism on The Brian Lehrer Show

Steven Rogers, one of the long shots in the contest to become the Republican Party’s gubernatorial candidate, is confident that he would be a better bet in the November election than the Republican frontrunners. A veteran of the Nutley Police Department and the U.S. Navy, he would bank on “the blue wall” to see him through, he said on WNYC’s The Brian Lehrer Show yesterday.

With just days to go before the primary, Rogers suggested he would have “a significant edge” than other Republicans because, he said, “I am a retired police officer, I was the president of a local PBA, I have visited police officers all over the state — thousands of them, corrections officers, firefighters. Despite the fact that the New Jersey PBA endorsed Phil Murphy, the Democrat, believe me, we stick together. The blue wall — they’re coming my way.” Moreover, Rogers said, “I’ll be getting the military families and military personnel — and that’s a huge, huge threat to the Democrats.”

In answer to a question about the “obsession” in New Jersey with public-employee pensions, Rogers said he would “restore the cost-of-living allowance to retired law enforcement officers; it was taken away from them wrongfully.” Going forward, he would “phase the pension system out of the state’s hands” and move to 401Ks “and other retirement investments.”

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